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Structures come and go. They wear out, get damaged, and need to be removed for new construction to begin or for the lot to be cleared. Hiring a knowledgeable demolition contractor is the correct route to go. Man Power Demolition - Recycling Dumpster is a trustworthy company dealing with existing houses, mobile homes, pools, and other complex structures. We are located in North Cape May, NJ and present some more information about our work below.

We Offer:

All Kinds of Interior & Exterior Demolition

Interior & Exterior Demolition

Whether you are preparing for a significant renovation or need to get rid of an existing structure to start new construction, we are here to assist you with our dependable and safe demolition service. Using various methods, we take down walls and buildings that are either too dangerous to occupy or need removing for legal purposes. Our skilled experts and project managers will determine your needs for structural, interior, and selective demolition.

Sidewalk & Driveway Removal

Sidewalk Removal

Many local concrete and asphalt contractors rely on us when driveways and sidewalks need removing before the new installation. We use the most advanced tools and equipment to remove large concrete and asphalt blocks and clear the space for a new sidewalk or driveway installation. If you notice deep cracks on the pavement, call our company to remove them along with the debris.

Sheds & Garages


Many homeowners attempt to demolish small-sized sheds or garages, resulting in more damage and potential injuries. We offer specialized garage removal services that will get the job done most safely and correctly. After every demolition project, our team also hauls the debris, so you do not have to deal with it. We knock down sheds and garages of any size.

Campers, Decks, and Swimming Pools


Complying with all the existing industry codes and regulations, our specialists can also demolish swimming pools, decks, and campers without a hitch. If any of these structures are unsightly and reduce your property’s worth, call our contractor for professional assistance. We possess the necessary tools and machines to take down large-sized in-ground and above-ground pools.

Mobile Home Demolition

Mobile Home Demolition

Our reliable demolition company is also available to knock down and remove abandoned mobile homes, end-of-life mobile homes, Double-Wides, Trailers, or Manufactured Housing. It may be less complex than a traditional home demo, but like any real demolition project, it can be extremely dangerous. Operating our heavy-duty equipment, we will plan and execute the job paying attention to any adjacent buildings.

Other Great Services

Demolition serviceWe provide more services that you can take advantage of at very affordable pricing. For example, we can haul the destroyed materials and debris left after a flood or any other disaster. We also rent different sizes of dumpsters for your remodeling project. Our professionals deliver and pick up dumpsters, as well as remove debris and clear lots from rocks, trees, bushes, etc. We can even handle the work involved with chimneys and floating docks.​

What Do You Gain?

Demolition of a building in the safest way is a science. Using our long-standing experience and reputation, we will perform the task using the most efficient hands-on approach. Our professionals are updated on new technology to make sure we can use them in our work. This way, we can complete the job much faster and more soundly. 

Efficient Work

When we start a new project, our goal is to examine the condition of the building. We will check all the floors of the house or commercial facility to ensure there are no hazardous materials present. Then, our technicians will bring the necessary equipment to perform the job, complying with the city and national standards, avoiding legal complications. 


We Serve Some Other Areas Too

Our fast and safe building demolition service is available to all the residents in North Cape May, NJ and these additional areas as well:

  • Atlantic County, NJ
  • Dennis Township, NJ
  • North Cape May, NJ
  • Tuckahoe, NJ
  • Cape May County, NJ

Do you wish to know more about our services and pricing policy? Then, contact Man Power Demolition - Recycling Dumpster now. If you have any questions and projects, call us today. 

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Fireplace Removal

Prompt, Fast and Professional Service!!
I would highly recommend there services!!

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